Become SuperHuman with Fulvic/Humic Acid

What if I told you there was a supplement that will supercharge your immune system to keep you from getting sick? This same substance has the ability to detoxify heavy metals from your body, can kill free-radicals and flushes them as waste, and increases bioavailability of foods to improve vitamin/mineral absorption. What if I also told you that this supplement is 100% natural and used to be a part of our drinking water? It is filtered out because of the decision of municipalities to chlorinate the water but rest assured, you can still get your hands on some fulvic/humic acid. This is Part Two in my “Secret Supplements that Work”.

I will never forget when my friend Zeke told me about this magical “dirt” that he has been taking. He claimed it kept him from getting sick and just made him feel better overall. Being a health enthusiast myself, I had to try it. Months, if not years, later I still feel phenomenal day in and day out. It may be easy to say for a healthy young person but I can surely compare to how often I got sick before and my overall level of energy. “Dirt” or fulvic/humic acid contributes to maintaining an equilibrium of the body which is what we should always strive for.

What is fulvic and humic acid? It is chemically active organic matter. It is basically dirt that just happens to contain extremely valuable natural sterols, hormones, fatty acids, polyphenols, ketones, and other phytochemicals.  It is full of beneficial bacteria that finds home in your gut and goes to work. As far as a nutritional supplement, it is a dream come true. Fulvic acid has been found essential to living things carrying on metabolic processes. It cleanses cells and corrects any imbalances. It scavenges for free radicals and either uses them for energy or eliminates them as waste. Humic/fulvic acid fixes so many mineral deficiencies that every single person will feel a difference. This is the kind of substance that should be given at the doctors office, instead of a prescription that could cause more damage! Check out just some of the health benefits with no side effects!

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Mineral Chelation (increased absorption, easier transfer of minerals)
  • Increases oxygen carried by red blood cells
  • Reduction of stress causing hormones
  • Prevents cellular mutation during reproduction
  • Stimulates “good” gut bacteria and suppresses the “bad”
  • Prevents viral diseases
  • Protects liver from disease

The list can go on forever! This substance have been studied extensively for human and animal consumption. There should be no reason why we all are not taking humic/fulvic acid. It is like having a team of friendly chemicals cleaning and fixing your insides! Earthclinic and other communities have plenty of testimonials on how it has helped them with serious heath conditions like thyroid issues. As for me, I can tell I am much more energetic since I started to take it. My overall system feels cleaner. If there is a virus going around I usually don’t get it or only suffer mildly for no more than a day. I digest food better and don’t feel bloated the next day after going out. There are certain supplements that I have discovered are truly essential. From research and personal experiences, fulvic/humic acid or “dirt” is easily one of the most effective organic supplements!

As far as taking it, make sure you acquire it from a reputable manufacturer. I have always had good results with MorningStar Minerals. They make a product called ImmuneBoost77 because there are 77 minerals in fulvic/humic acid. I always have this stocked in my kitchen so if you ask me personally, I can even give you a bottle! It will be worth it for me to pass this wonderful healing agent along to someone else.

MOST IMPORTANT: avoid at all costs combining this substance with chlorine and chloramine. Together with fulvic/humic acid it forms nasty mutagens. This is the reason why it is filtered out of the water supply. I avoid drinking chlorinated water all together. I have a Reverse Osmosis filter installed under my sink. These filters break the water down to its original state. If that is not an option buy Spring water. This day and age we can find a way to either get SPRING water or provide sufficient filtration to avoid chlorine. I repeat: please take this amazing substance with SPRING or DISTILLED water preferably. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this ancient “dirt;” it is the added chlorine which presents the problem.

This supplement is definitely worth trying whether you are sick or healthy. It is without a doubt one of a kind magic cure that can help you feel better and relieve you from getting sick all year long. Follow the directions on the bottle and I hope to see your health improve, my friend! 

Reported Claims of Effective Treatment of Symptoms

AnemiaCystitisHigh Blood Sugar
AnginaDermatitisMigraine Headaches
ArteriosclerosisDiabetesMultiple Sclerosis
ArthritisDiarrheaMuscle Cramps
BurnsDiverticulitisNervous Disorders
Blood ClotsEczemaNervous Stomach
BursitisEdemaOpen Sores
CancersFracturesParasite Infection
Chemical BurnsGall StonesShingles
Chronic FatigueGastritisSunburn
Chronic IndigestionGoutStroke
Chronic PsoriasisHeartburnToxic Buildup
Circulation ProblemsHemorrhoidsUlcers
Common ColdsHigh Blood PressureVaricose Veins
ColitisH.I.V. VirusYeast Infections