Improve Your Digestion and Combat Parasites with Diatomaceous Earth

This may look like your breakfast cereal but it is another natural helper in my “Secret Supplements that Work” series. Diatomaceous earth is nothing new. It is silica powder that has been mined from underground. When the tiny cylinders of Diatomaceous earth (like the ones in the picture) enter the body, they immediately work to clean us from the inside. This is 100% natural and when consumed by the body it provides a wide range of benefits. 

In short, diatomaceous earth particles are microscopic diatoms of ancient matter. The particles are very strongly charged and have a high density. This combination allows diatomaceous earth to attract and absorb fungi, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, e. coli, heavy metals, and any other inorganic material. This is a non-invasive cleansing process that leaves people feeling much lighter. Imagine blasting away that bloated feeling you have been suffering from, with diatomaceous earth. Bloating may also very well have something to do with your diet, which you can fix by following my directions. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth in a big glass of water and drink it the very first thing in the morning. Farmers have been giving their animals this product for a long time to prevent parasites, all while it has been 100% safe for human consumption as well.

Some of the reported benefits from users:

  1. Sore joints and ligaments feel better
  2. Skin clears up (acne, age spots, psoriasis)
  3. Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster
  4. Stronger teeth and gums
  5. Healthier respiratory tract (less coughing)
  6. Menopause has less symptoms
  7. Healthier urinary tract

Dr. Barbara Hendel states that “Silica is the most important trace element in human health.” Supplying additional silica, in a form such as diatomaceous earth, is definitely essential. Just like other pieces of the puzzle, this is a mineral that we normally don’t get enough of in our diets. You may very well be deficient and should know that sufficient amounts of silica can help regulate blood pressure and reduce inflammation of the intestinal tract.

Another big benefit that you can show to your family doctor: dramatically improved cholesterol numbers. The sacred bloodwork figures that everyone hopes to be within recommended limits. Modern medicine only addresses a few specific numbers, but good cholesterol is generally a sign of healthy arteries. In this particular study, it was determined that diatomaceous earth supplementation is indeed “capable of positively influencing lipid metabolism.” Even weeks after the supplementation has stopped, the beneficial effects remained.

In conclusion, diatomaceous earth is definitely worth trying. It is very low-cost and is easily available on the internet and in health stores. Only two things to watch for:

1. Buy only 100% food grade product

2. Do not inhale the powder or inhale a cloud that comes up from it. The powder is extremely fine just like baby powder and can cause serious irritation.

Other than that it is extremely safe. Effects can be felt within a few days when trips to the bathroom become effortless and that annoying bloat is gone!