Recruit Colloidal Silver to Combat Any Cold

Colloidal Silver has been a well known natural remedy for colds and other types of viruses for a long time. It is so powerful that it can fight against antibiotic-resistant viruses! For everyday people, colloidal silver can greatly reduce the duration of their cold and make them feel better. I always start taking it when I’m just starting to feel sick and it drastically cuts the time I spend feeling under the weather. Here is how silver works and why you need to always make sure you get it from a quality source.

Colloidal Silver works on a cellular level to provide cells with oxygen and to deprive bacteria of respiration. This process is even more beneficial when one is suffering from a virus because they are invaded by illness causing pathogens. Silver destroys those pathogens and provides life for cells.

This remedy caught attention of traditional modern medicine and its effect on cold viruses was studied. In a test involving upper respiratory illness in children, 90% of subjects completely recovered versus 66% who received a saline solution. Another study was then done that determined silver’s ability to fight chronic sinus infections.

In addition to fighting viruses, silver is now being considered in efforts to prevent cancer. Here is a full in-depth scientific review of silver nanoparticles use as an anticancer agent. Additional studies can be found here and here. It is very impressive for what it used to be, a natural remedy, to be gaining so much scientific attention in the recent years.

Unfortunately, silver has also gained some negative attention: when decades ago, a few people actually turned themselves blue from using homemade silver solutions, sometimes on purpose. The silver they used had particles that were entirely too large for human consumption and actual silver became lodged under the skin over a long period of time. This condition (argyria) is impossible to get from modern-day nanoparticle manufactured silver. The products created now are pure and the particles are entirely too small for any of that to happen. We eliminate more than 99% of digested silver within a week or so and it is not a metal that builds up in the body. Again this was extremely rare and only a handful of people ever have been effected, all of those decades ago from pure negligence. This is the only known side effect of this remedy and considering how efficiently it is manufactured today, I think we can safely use it to great benefit.

When choosing Colloidal Silver to buy there are a few things to look for. The product you are buying needs to be at least 10 PPM (parts per million) and upwards of 20 PPM. At the highest PPM when also using distilled water, manufacturers can make true colloidal silver without any chemicals so there is no contamination. This is important because to be safe you have to use purely colloidal silver and not an ionic silver product which gets sold as colloidal silver. Here is a list of companies that pass ionic silver as colloidal, stay away from those brands. There are a few good manufacturers who can back their 20 PPM claims with lab results and their products are rated very high online. I have had good results with MesoSilver brand which is 20 PPM 0.9999 pure.

I always have some colloidal silver sitting around for when I start to feel a cold coming on. It provides immediate relief and along with some rest it may be all you need to kick a nasty virus. Remember this article when the weather gets colder and people start dropping like flies with flu!