My Personal Daily Diet – Copy Some of it and Achieve Results Soon!

I need your fridge to look like this. Just kidding, this is my fridge. I am a little over the edge and obsessed but anyone can take some useful information from the things that work for me. The way of eating that I believe in is Paleo, I have covered the basics in my previous post. I am not 100% Paleo because I drink coffee and eat cheat meals if I dont have a tournament coming up. I eat as strict as I can for as long as I can but I allow myself to have fun with friends and go out. As long as 90% of your meals are coming from your healthy kitchen you have nothing to worry about, however if you are overweight or ill you should go 100% strict at first to achieve the most amazing transformations.

All meat I prepare is grass fed. If I cook salmon I buy it wild caught. I buy free range eggs when I can find them (whole foods is about the only place that sells those). All the produce I eat is organic. There is always a hot debate on whether organic is worth spending the extra money, I say it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you choose to eat lots of vegetables and some fruit but dont go organic, you will probably be able to achieve the body composition that you desire. Eating a Paleo diet but eating conventional non organic produce will still rev up your metabolism and convert dietary fat into energy. You will most definitely lose body fat and gain muscle. The health benefits will be nowhere near the organic produce but you will become lean. Adding lots of vegetables to your diet is ALWAYS a step in the right direction. Which fruit and vegetables to buy organic? Studies have shown the following as being “the dirtiest” from pesticides and other undesirable compounds. Kale, lettuce, potatoes, grapes, spinach, strawberries, apples, peaches, celery, nectarines, bell peppers, and blueberries are all on that list and you should try to buy those in organic form.

The supplements I take are:

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When I first wake up my day begins with a glass of spring water, wheatgrass / green powder and Immune Boost 77 (fulvic acid). The meals are as follows:

  1. BIG Green smoothie. Blended in a Vitamix. Incredients: pineapple, berries, carrots, beets, lemon juice, lots of kale, chard, spinach, hemp and chia seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, aloe juice, ice cubes.
  2. Breakfast. 2-3 whole scrambled eggs 1/2 avocado 1 tomato all chopped and scrambled together.
  3. Morning snacks. Usually strawberries, grapefruit, raw almonds or walnuts. I switch these up every month or so to different fruit and nuts.
  4. BIG Lunch SALAD. Ingredients: Spinach, kale, spring mix and herbs, tomato, green onions (scallions), broccoli, salmon or chicken. Hemp seed oil is used for dressing.
  5. Afternoon snacks. Same as morning, pick and choose. Preworkout snack is usually a banana and coffee.
  6. Dinner. Pan fried in coconut oil filets of different wild caught fish OR grass-fed beef steak / ground bison (buffalo) AND one or two raw vegetables.
  7. Late night snack is usually a little bit of nuts and or fruit depending on if Im gearing up for a tournament.

That’s pretty much what every day looks like. I happen to fall into a routine very easily with this but I break up the monotony by going out to eat and having occasional ice cream. The ingredients at restaurants aren’t as high quality as mine but hey you gotta live a little. I also enjoy a few beers from time to time.

This way of eating is very effective. Depending on how strict you follow it, the benefits can be tremendous. I have helped so many people lose weight and look extremely good after I put them on this plan. I don’t have an unbelievable personal transformation to show you but I can explain how by eating like this I can control my body fat. This is obviously easier for someone already in shape but the same results will be achieved by everyone, given enough time.

The first picture was taken earlier in 2013. I was in shape but wasn’t very lean because even though I try to stick to the Paleo diet I also eat cheat meals during the week. I was a little bloated and retaining too much water from the excess glycogen I was consuming. Weight was around 190. I have decided to drop to the lower and more natural for me weight class for the next tournament. I stopped the usual eating out and late night snacks.

When it came time for the tournament in July, I was down to 177 and in best shape ever. Energy levels were through the roof because of the lack of junk food. This diet will really work for those already in shape and it will shed pounds from the ones who aren’t there yet. Please don’t hesitate to ask for advice, through this blog I want to reach out to as many people as possible and also pick their brain for new ideas. I would love more contributors to this site, regardless of what their area of expertise is. We are all on a journey to obtain knowledge and be healthy, let’s share what we know.