Living in a Chemical-Free Environment (Part Three: Deodorant)

Applying conventional deodorants is a sure way to wreck havoc on your lymph glands over the course of your lifetime. After examining more and more cancer tissue, the medical community looks to investigate further the potential role of deodorant chemicals.

There are ways to keep ourselves from stinking without chemicals. Washing well and often is an obvious one but it is often over looked. Good consistent hygiene and some aluminum free deodorant could go along way for most people. Coconut oil (which I will write later about) can also serve as a pretty good deodorant when applied in the morning after showering.

Chlorophyll, which is an elixir of life and exists in all plant matter and deserves a full blog post of it’s own, is also known as “nature’s deodorant”. It will help with smelly breath and overall make the body smell more pleasant. Considering it’s incredible health benefits, chlorophyll is really a beast of a supplement. It will be covered later in the blog as we dive into the importance of alkalinity.

For those always struggling with body odor, you can use various types of Aluminium-free deodorants. These look and work just like the conventional deodorants but won’t have aluminium.

One of the things that have recently come to my attention is special detoxifying deodorant. These products are for over – night use and are supposed to draw out the toxins during the night. During the day the armpit areas will smell better because of the cleansing they received the night before. I have not personally tried this method but it is on my list of things to try in the very near future. I will update this post with my results.

Your diet will also contribute to your lack or existence of recognizable body odor. We all know the familiar “sweating out” the alcohol from the night before. All impurities and poisons like alcohol and junk food have to be processed and properly removed from the body, so by reducing the amount we take in we can more or less regulate our own odors.

The bottom line here is that regular deodorants/ antiperspirants give us a false sense of odor protection. On one hand you are dramatically reducing the sweating, but at what price? I am a firm believer in letting the body do what it needs to do, the armpit is obviously an area that is designed for perspiration. Lets make a conscious effort to first throw away our old conventional deodorant and do some experimenting with more natural and organic substances.